Officially Sanctioned Club of the USA TAEKWONDO (USAT) & 

The Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU)​

    In Our School you will Find:           Our programs Include:

A Professional and friendly staff

► A Clean and spacious environment

► A Variety of to fit your needs

► A bond with parents, and instructors

► Certified instructors with a love

for teaching Martial Arts

► Program For students from

4 years old, children, youths,

adults, and family 

* Personal security

* Mental Abilities

* Discipline

* Anti-Bulling

Arizona Dragons Taekwondo is a clean, positive, and safe family-oriented learning environment. We take pride in our family atmosphere and high quality training. When you come to our school, you become part of a family.

About Our Classes:

At Arizona Dragons Taekwondo we have classes available for all skill levels. Private lessons available for all ages and skill levels. Whether you are an Olympian or have never tried on a uniform, Arizona Dragons Taekwondo has classes for you. 

Because Taekwondo is an Olympic sport, Arizona Dragons Taekwondo offers the opportunity for tournament competition and advanced team training. Here at Arizona Dragons Taekwondo, you can train alongside multiple Experienced Athletes. Who knows, you could be the next NATIONAL CHAMPION!

Training consists of innovative and advanced techniques designed to help students and athletes quickly achieve a higher level of skill. We have training available for all skill levels and abilities. Our instructors provide a positive and fun atmosphere for everyone. Training is designed to improve students' and athletes’ agility, speed, and power. These skills can be used by students and athletes to improve in various aspects of any other athletics that they may be involved in. 

Our programs provide improved self-discipline, self-confidence, mental alertness and goal-setting skills. Students are taught that their their goals can be achieved through dedication and hard work. The goal of Arizona Dragons Taekwondo is to produce individuals who are respectful, attentive in school, courteous to friends as well as being a top all around martial artist.

Our fun, high energy classes use physical challenges as an opportunity to teach the mental, and positive character-building aspects of taekwondo. Taekwondo provides the perfect opportunity for students to learn about the tenants of Taekwondo and how to apply them to everyday life. Arizona Dragons Taekwondo also offers strategies in Bully Prevention and Stranger Danger for all ages.





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great school great students

Tasha Johnson

Mesa, AZ

best school best teachers

Nancy Martinez

Mesa, AZ

my children have been coming here for 3 years great masters Miguel and Martin. teaching my children lifelong skills.. GREAT SCHOOL

Erin Dudek Martinez

Mesa, AZ

Es una Exelente Escuela, formo en mi hijos importantes cualidades como amistad, respeto, disciplina y sana competencia ... estuve 5 años compartiendo con mis hijos en la escuela y solo me llevo buenas experiencias tanto de los coach como de los compañeros y padres .

Lina Antunez

Mesa, AZ

Best family oriented TAEKWONDO place. The coaching is great! Kids and adults love to training and workout here!

Adrian Bojorquez

Mesa, AZ

Una escuela donde primero te enseñan el Respeto a los demas y el cariño a los demas tambien Basicamente es la mejor del mundo entero siempre esforsandose a seguir para adelante un orgullo el aber tomado clases con un hombre el cual siempre esta biendo por los demas persona antes que entrenador un padre antes que un juez MIGUEL PAREDES SOLO LO MEJOR DE LO MEJOR .

Oscar Delgado

Mesa, AZ